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Monday, July 4, 2011



Los Angeles was a virtual "hotbed" for R&B vocal groups in the early 1950's. Groups like Don Julian & The Meadowlarks, the Penguins, the Calvanes, the Jacks, the Feathers, and the Hollywood Flames just to mention a few and we will get into those at a later date.
  The group, the Jaguars are of note because they were one of America's first multi-racial groups. The Jaguars were formed at Fremont High School in South Central, Los Angeles. Fremont was one of the first school to integrate in the early 1950's  before a landmark U>S Supreme Court decion to desegregate came down in 1954.

  The Jaguar quartet was formed from the school choir and the members were:

Herman "Sonny" Chaney - Lead Tenor (African-American)
Valerio "Val" Poliuto - Second Tenor (Italian-Polish)
Manuel Chavez - Bartitone (Chicano)
Charles Middleton - Bass (African-American)

The group began as the Miracles and recorded "You're An Angel" and "A Girl Named Jo" for record store owner & producer John Dolphin whic was released on the Cash label in 1955. Later that year big band trumpeter Bob Ross formed Aardell records and signed the Miracles to record with Bob's daughter, Patti a tune written by Buddy Ebsen (co-star of "The Adventures Of Davy Crockett') called "Rock It,Davy, Rock It"

  The Miracles would be renamed the Jaguars by Stan Freeberg after the make of car he was driving. The Jaguars re-recorded "Rock It, Davy, Rock It" backed by a song written by Manny Chavez titled "I Wanted You"

  In December 1956 they would release "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Moonlight And You". In 1957, the Jaguars move to the Ebb label and released "Hold Me Tonight" and "Picadilly".
  In 1959 the Jaguars moved to Art Laboe's Original Sound label and would release the Eastside classic "Thinking Of You" but with Manny Chavez unavailable Tony Allen and Richard Berry were called in to help with the vocals.

You may listen to the Jaguars "Rock It, Davy, Rock It" here:

You may listen to The Jaguars "I Wanted You" here:

You may listen to The Jaguars "The Way You Look Tonight" here:

You may listen to The Jaguars "Moonlight & You" Here:

You may listen to The Jaguars "Thinking Of You" here:

A file compilation CD is available on Earth Angel:

The Miracles (2)
1955 - A Gal Named Jo / You're An Angel (Cash 1008)
1955 - 9 Boogie (Cash) (Unreleased)

1955 - Let Us Be As One [aka Sweet Thing] (Cash) (Unreleased)
The Jaguars (1)
1955 - Rock It, Davy, Rock It / The Big Bear (Aardell 0002)
1955 - Rock It, Davy, Rock it / I Wanted You (Aardell 0003)
1955 - Be My Sweetie /You Don't Believe Me (SC) (Aardell 0006)
1956 - The Way You Look Tonight / Moonlight And You (R-dell 11)
1956 - The Way You Look Tonight / Baby Baby Baby (R-dell 11)
1957 - The City Zoo (retitled Baby Baby Baby) / I Love You Baby (R-dell 16)
1957 - Mine All Mine (Unreleased)
1957 - Come A-Runnin' (Unreleased)
1957 - Thinking Of You (R-dell) (Unreleased)
1957 - Look Into My Eyes (R-dell) (Unreleased)
1957 - You Have Come Back (R-dell) (Unreleased)

1958 - Hold Me Tonight / Piccadilly (Ebb 129) 

1958 - Never Let You Go  / I'll Make A Bet (Ebb 142)
1958 - Mine All Mine (Ebb) (Unreleased)

1958 - Come A-Runnin' (Ebb) (Unreleased)
1959 - Thinking Of You / Look Into My Eyes (Original sound 06) 

1960 - Don't Go Home/Girl Of My Dreams (R-dell 117)
1961 - Fine Fine Fine/It Finally Happened (Rendezvous 159/216)

1989 - Mellow Sunday / Our Summer Song (Classic artists 106) 

1990 - Play A Love Song / All On Me (Classic artists 113) 

1990 - Happy Holiday / [More Than Enough For Me - Feathers] (Classic artists 117)
The T-Birds (1)
1961 - Come On Dance With Me / Green Stamps (Chess 1778)
1961 - Taco Harry (Chess) (Unreleased)

1961 - Hog Wild (Chess) (Unreleased)


Solely for historical, educational & listening pleasure.

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