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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was born & raised in East Los Angeles, California half a block from Whittier Boulevard on Arizona St. My mother was a huge Elvis Presley fan so I was exposed to the Rock & Roll Era at a very early age. My father served in the Navy and when he was discharged, opened a television & radio repair shop where he also sold records on Whittier Boulevard. We did have a record player in the house & at the age of four, I recall picking up a 78RPM record of Patti Page's "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" and played it and was fascinated to hear a dog barking through the speakers. I was hooked!! My mother & father were soon divorced and in 1958 my mother married a man from Pacoima, California. One day he brought home a 45 RPM record of Ritchie Valens "La Bamba" Though he did let me listen to it, I was bounded and determined to get my own copy. I saved up two weeks allowance and bought my own copy. I wanted to hear what was on the other side & when I heard "Donna" I was blown away! That was the start of my love for what I call the "Eastside Sound"
  Growing up I listen to all genres of 50's & 60's music and was even heavily influenced by the Beatles. There were many disc jockeys I listened to but none better than Huggy Boy & Art Laboe. I would stay up late at night doing my homework with my transistor radio listening to what are now know as "Oldies But Goodies" I have many recollections of those days but I will leave that for another time.
  I spent many a weekend night on the boulevard watching the cars go by hoping that I saw someone I knew who would let me cruise with them. When I turned 16, my step-father gave me his '59 Dodge with the fins in the back. Now I could cruise the boulevard with my friends and thats what we did almost every weekend.
  At that time 4-track stereo players had just hit the market so I saved up & had one installed. There was a record store on the boulevard (I don't recall the name) that would make 4-track tapes from vinyl so I dragged by collection down and had my favorites taped. I thought man, now I can cruise in style with my favorite tunes. It was a great life with many memories and I took on many odd jobs in the neighborhood just to support my music & cruising habit.
  From time to time my friends & I went to see local bands play mainly at El Monte Legion Stadium, Montebello Ball Room & Kennedy Hall. My cousin Mickey had started a band called Mickey & The Invaders and through his influence I continued to be fascinated by the Eastside Sound.
  In 1967 I attended East Los Angeles College and became a disc jockey. Because I loved it so much I enlisted an Architect major friend of mine & we built a sound proof booth. I soon became station manager & the first thing I did was write letters to local record companies asking for records to supply the station. Though I received only a minimal responses, one was from Art Laboe who invited me to Original Sound Records in Hollywood. There, he & his staff treated me to lunch, a guided tour of the facilities and a complete set of his "Oldies But Goodies" LP's and a bunch of 45's. When I left East LA College I took about half of the recods with me & left the rest for future DJ's to play. I wanted to pursue a career as a DJ but friends & family soon convinced me otherwise.
  Over the years I never stopped listening to & collecting records and when the Internet was created I was able to share and enjoy music and memories with people from all walks of life.
  I have wanted to have my own site for several years now & though I am not skilled at putting a site together. I will learn as I go.
  I wanted to create a site that would appeal to those who lived & experienced the great & forgotten music from back in the day and also appeal to the youth who will pass this music down to generations to come.
  I am getting up there in years but still attend local clubs and concerts and follow the artists which still perform these old tunes today.
  I appeciate anyone who visits this site and shares in the music and memories. I am not here for any financial gain and do not wish to infringe on any one's copyrights. My e-mail address is posted if anyone would like to contact me. I am by no means an authority on this music (I will post links to those who are) but still enjoy listening to & learning about music which is now more than 50 years old.


Guy (East LA Guy)

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