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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This site was created for historical and educational purposes only and for listening enjoyment. Those who wish to share their music and memories are more than welcome to come on board.
  The site was created with the record and music collector in mind but may also appeal to the casual listener of "Oldies But Goodies", Chicano Rock, Chicano Soul, Low Rider Music, Sweet Soul Harmony, Doo Wop and the Teen Sound.
   The site is to be used as a tool to collecting rare and hard-to-find 45's, LP's and CD's and will help you find those which are still in print or still available. You are encouraged to seek out these recordings in their original and re-issued forms and to support the artists and record labels who recorded and produced such music.
  The site was NOT created for monetary gain. You will NOT be asked for money or donations. What I do ask is that if you visit this site that you treat it and anyone involved with the site with the utmost in respect.
  If you are copyright owner of any of the material posted on this site please contact me: and it will be removed.

This site will mainly involve the music and memories of the Eastside Sound but will not be limited to that. Crusing "Oldies But Goodies" and the sounds of Chicano Soul will be included. Sweet Soul Harmony, Doo Wop and the Teen Sound that we all grew up with will also be included. You will find music from rare and out of print 45's, LP's and CD's.

Please feel free to leave comments or contact me if you would like to be a contibutor or have ideas for the site.

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