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Sunday, October 2, 2011


The Apollo Brothers were Ruben Guevara from North Hollywood High School and Paul Amarillas from Bosco High School in Montebello, California. They began as a three-vocal group called the Vanteens but soon became a duo. They took their name from a car club called "The Apollos In The Valley"
  In 1961 they recorded "My Beloved One" and Riot on the Cleveland label (Cleveland 108). The doo wop-teen ballad "My Beloved One" got heavy airplay on radio staion KDAY with Alan Freed.
  The popularity of the song got the Apollo Brothers numerous gigs in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas and they were a big hit at El Monte Legion Stadium.

You May Listen To The Apollo Brothers "My Beloved One" Here:

In 1968, Frank Zappa released a concept album titled "Cruising With Ruben & The Jets", with members of the Mothers Of Invention taking on the personas of a fictional 1950s doo-wop group. Ruben Guevara approached Frank Zappa following a concert to tell him how much he loved the album, pointing out that he shared a first name with the album's fictional lead singer, and that Guevara had performed music of the doo wop style. Two years later, Zappa suggested that Guevera start his own band, and eventually gave approval for the band to be named "Ruben and the Jets". We will explore the band, Ruben & The Jets later on.


Soley for historical, educational and listening pleasure.

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