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Sunday, October 2, 2011


EDITORS NOTE: This text was recently revised thanks to me meeting Benny & Joe.

Brothers, Benny & Joe Rodriguez were born in El Paso, Texas. At ages 6 and 4 respectively their father taught them vocal harmony.

When Benny was 14 and Joe was 12, they moved to East Los Angeles where Benny attended Roosevelt High School. They were discovered by Billy Cardenas (more on Billy later) who was the manager of the group, the Romancers. The Romancers were under contract to producer Bob Keane. At Paul Buff's Pal Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California they recorded "Cradle Rock" and "Everytime I See You". "Cradle Rock" was a re-make of a song recorded by the Rhythm Heirs on the Yucca label in 1959. The flip side "Everytime I See You" was co-written by Frank Zappa and Ray Collins (of Little Julian Herrera & The Tigers). The record was released on the Donna label (Donna 1381) in 1963.

You May Listen To The Heartbreakers "Cradle Rock" Here:

You May Listen To The Heartbreakers "Everytime I See You" Here:

The Heartbreakers al recorded in 1963, "Leavin' It All Up To You" and "Corrido Marsh" on the Brent label (Brent 7037). "Leavin' It All Up To You" was a remake of the Don & Dewey hit & "Corrida Mash" was a rockin' instrumental. These two songs were produced by Bumps Blackwell of Little Richard fame.

In 1964 the Heartbreakers recorded "Please Answer" and "She Is My Baby" for producer Eddie Davis and the Linda label (Linda 114). "Please Answer " was penned by Benny. "She's My Baby" was penned by Larry Tamblyn. On these two tracks, they were backed by The Mixtures, a mixed-race band from Pomona, California.

You May Listen To The Heartbreakers "Please Answer" Here:

You May Listen To The Heartbreakers "She Is My Baby" Here:

"She Is My Baby" is also available on the highly recommended CD "Frankie Firme Presents 16 Rare & Golden Treasures"  From The Vaults Of Rampart Records at this East LA Revue link:

Both Benny and Joe have college degrees. Benny in Chemistry and Joe in Education

The Heartbreakers are yet another act to be very popular at El Monte Legion Stadium. Today they are still playing local gigs as they will be in Pico Rivera on October 23, 2011 and also at the Legends Of Chicano Soul Show in December 2011 at the Gibson Ampitheater.

Two of the finest gentlemen I have ever met.


Soley for historical, educational and listening pleasure.


  1. Had the pleasure of speaking to Benny on the phone today. More about thus in a future post

  2. I've had the pleasure of meeting both Benny & Joe today for their 4th of July gathering. What a treat and honor to be in their company.

  3. They recorded some fine records great music !!!!!