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Saturday, February 25, 2012


The cover art for this compilation was sent to me by one of my homies, Lil' David. Inspired by the cover I put together 24 more tracks of pure Chicano Soul which I enjoy listening to while cruising in my ride. I sincerely hope you all seek out these classic tunes, buy the music and support the artists who put their heart & soul into these recordings.
  The artists & titles presented here are purely for historical & educational pursoses & intended to guide the fellow collector as to what is available. These songs are NOT for sale.

Track List:

01. Sequence - Night Owl
02. Chris Teller - Unlucky Girl
03. Sunny & The Sunliners - I Never Found A Girl
04. Genotones - (Thank Her For Me) City Lights
05. Doug & Freddy - A Lover's Plea
06. Chavez & Chaney - Be My Love
07. Cannibal & The Headhunters - Please Baby Please
08. Heartbreakers - Please Answer
09. Chris Montez - They Say
10. Larry Tamblyn - This Is The Night
11. Majestics - Girl Of My Dreams
12. Jimmy Edward - Most Of All
13. Carlos Brothers - Under The Stars Of Love
14. Little Julian Herrera & The Premiers - Here In My Arms
15. Scotty Wayne - Only One
16. Benitz & Nebula - I'm So Sad
17. Liberty Band & Friends - Angel Baby
18. Hank Castro - The Town I Live In
19. Knightsmen - Darling Why
20. Sisters - I'll Get Another
21. Sa-Shays - This Is My Story
22. Royal Jesters - What Love Has Joined Together
23. Tiny Morrie - Lonely Letter
24. Willie G - That's All


Soley for historical & educational purposes. Intended to help collectors of this musical genre.


  1. que onda homie is there any way i could have the link for this comp?

  2. Guy,

    I'm glad to hear that you're getting the right help with your health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Also nice to see that you feel well enough to continue with your "labour of love", which this site so obviously is. The music you showcase still shines today and I envy you getting the opportunity to see some of the artists "live".
    Thanks for all the musical pleasure and inspiration you have given me.
    Keep up the good work.

    Respect & regards,


  3. Gracias Eugene. Reading your comment is as good as any medicine for making someone feel better. You have always been most appreciative. Great to see you are following the site. I will make every effort to keep thing thing going.

  4. GUY, a wicked line up on this comp, can u shoot the link my way? I hope you get better soon! Much thanks & respect..