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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Los Angelinos - Eastside Renaissance was released in 1983 on Zyanya Records and labeled as Punk, Garage Rock, Pop Rock, Soul, and Salsa. The music selections reflect the wide variety that was a part of the Eastside Renaissance in music. The album was distributed by Rhino Records. What sets this LP apart from other compilations is each bands strong commitment to include social commentary in the music.
Track List:

  The Plugz     Achin'
The Brat, The Wolf
Felix And The Katz,Boys And Girls
The Brat,High School
Odd Squad,Moving Your Mouth
Con Safos,C/S
Thee Royal Gents,You Really Do Want My Love
The Plugz, Electrify Me
Califas,La Musica
Thee Royal Gents,Lady Love
Mestizo,What Am I Gonna Do
Los Perros,El Corrido To End Barrio Warfare

You can listen to this rare and historical compilation of music at the East LA Revue web site under Vinyl Classics:


Solely for historical, educational & listening pleasure.

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