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Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Armenta Brothers, Robert, Manuel & Steve began playing in the 1940 when they were in elementary school. Prodded by their father who gave his sons music lessons, the Armenta threesome formed a group consisting of saxophone, piano & drums. Their music repertoire was strictly Latin: corridos, boleros & rumbas. Another brother, Willie would later join the group at the age of thirteen. Willie's son Angelo would also become a member of the group.
  While still in their early teens, the Armenta Brothers added jazz, swing & early R&B to their act and are credited with introducing Chicano R&B to East LA. They became a fifteen piece band & began playing high schools, ballrooms & churches. The band became very popular because of their versatility in playing all styles of music.
  The Armenta Brothers did not have a distinguished recording career but did record a 78RPM record for Crown Records, a local LA label. "Marty's Bounce" and "Fatso" were recorded but were more in the swing style than R&B. The record sold modestly around LA  but was not aggresively promoted.
  In 1952 Sal Chico would join the group as a vocalist. In 1955 Sal would form his own band, The Sal Chico Band. He would later become heavily involved in the Chicano Movement. The Sal Chico Band lives on but it is now called the Chico Band and is fronted by his nephew.
  There are two compact discs currently available by the Armenta Brothers, "Remember When" and "Lifetime Achievement"

Track List:

1. The Honeydripper
2. Pachuco Hop
3. Glory Of Love
4. Hide n' Seek
5. Ain't Got A Home
6. Night Train/ All Night long
7. Shake, Rattle and Roll
8. (Just like) Romeo and Juliet
9. The Armenta Brothers' Dollar Dance Medley
10. Miss Jenny
11. Corrido Rock (Aquanta Corazon)
12. Stardust

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  1. A special thank you to Willie Armenta who e-mailed me that my information on the original group members was incorrect. I have corrected the information and feel honored & privledged to have received such an e-mail from this fine gentleman & true music legend.

  2. My father grew up in Hazard and the other day we went by big hazard park...he remembered that Sal Chico used to shower at the park...lots of guys did back then...but he used to peactice singing while in the what a great memory!

  3. This article doesn't mention that Robert's son, George, and Manuel's son, Martin, each joined the band at the age of 16. George on lead guitar and Martin on base guitar, bringing covers of their favorite hits to the Armenta's all ready extensive repetoire.

  4. Lis Tulies de Redondo