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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Manuel Chavez and Herman "Sonny" Chaney were original members of the vocal group The Jaguars (see my post from July 4,2011) before they began recording as a duo.
  In 1959 and recording under the name Frankie & Johnny they cut "My First Love" and "Do You Love Me" for John Marascalco on the Sabrina label (Sabrina 331) It would be re-issued on the Liberty label in 1960 (Liberty 55271).

"My First Love" is an Eastside classic and fine doo wop ballad.

You May Listen To Frankie & Johnny "My First Love" Here:

You May Listen To Frankie & Johnny "Do You Love Me" Here:

In 1960 Chavez & Chaney would record "Be My Love" and Picadilly Rose" for producer Tony Hilder on the Spry label (Spry 122) under their own names.

" Be My Love" would be re-issued as "Please Be My Love Tonight" with overdubbed strings (Blast Off 100) and again credited to Frankie & Johnny.

You May Listen To Frankie & Johnny "Please Be My Love Tonight" Here:

You May Listen To Chavez & Chaney AKA Frankie & Johnny "Picadilly Rose" Here:

Frankie & Johnny "Do You Love Me" and Chavez & Chaney "Picadilly Rose" are available on the CD The Jaguars "The Way You Look Tonight" (Earth Angel Records)

In 1960 Manny Chavez would form a group called the Sevilles and record an Eastside classic "Charlena" The group included Johnny White & Charles Wright of The Shields, Tommy "Buster" Williams of the Turks and Johnny Morisette of The Medallions.

You May Listen To The Sevilles "Charlena" Here:

You will find more information on the group, The Sevilles and their subsequent recordings at the Color Radio website found here:


Soley for historical, educational and listening pleasure.

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