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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Doug Salma (Salamanca) and Freddy Ruiz were junior high school students at Mountain View Junior High School in El Monte, California in the late 1950's. They had written a song called "Wedding Ring" and recorded a demo. They took the demo to Johnny Otis who was a disc jockey on radio station KALI. A dispute arose over the song's publishing rights and iy was never released.
  The duo was approached by Sugar Hall, wife of guitarist Rene Hall who took a demo tape to Rod Pierce and Jake Levy who owned Rendevous Records. In 1959, their first release would be "A Lover's Plea" and "I Believe In Love". The two tracks are very nice "teen" sounds. The record would lead to a number of local appearances at El Monte Legion Stadium with Ritchie Valens and Little Julian Herrera also on the bill.

You May Listen To Doug & Freddy "A Lover's Plea" and "I Believe In Love" Here:

  In 1961 Doug Salma met producer Kim Fowley who would release Doug & Freddy's next single "Need Your Love" and "Campus Girl" on the K&G label (K&G 100). At the session they would be backed by the local band Pat & The Panics (Pat Patensio). Again two very nice "teen" sounds

In 1962 Fowley release "Itty Bitty Girl" and "Darling It's Wonderful" on the Old Sound label (Old Sound 809). by Salma & Ruiz but under the name of The Memories. "Itty Bitty Girl" had been recorded at the "Wedding Ring" demo session and "Darling It's Wonderful" was a remake of the 1957 hit by The Lovers. The backing band was Bill Destro & The Destinies. A special thank you to my dear friend in Ireland, RossyBoy for sending me this valuable record to add to my collection.

In 1961 Doug & Freddy would record with an intrumental group called The Pyramids and produced by Gary Paxton.  The teen doo wop tunes "Take A Chance On Love" and "And I Know You're Lyin'" would be released on the Finer Arts label (Finer Arts 101) . The record was released twice, one label showing a Hollywood address and the other a Denver, Coloroado origin.

You May Listen To Doug & Freddy "Take A Chance On Love" Here:

In 1963 Doug & Freddy backed Johnny Flamingo on "I Just Cry" and "Is It A Dream"

You May Listen To Johnny Flamingo "I Just Cry" Here:

You May Listen To Johnny Flamingo "Is It A Dream" Here:

Shortly thereafter, Doug & Freddy would split up.

In 1964 Doug Salma teamed up with Richard Berry & his wife Dorothy & became The Tri-Tones. They would release "Tear Drops" and "Everytime I Think Of You" an the Miss Julie label (Miss Julie 6501). The tunes are classic doo wop.

You May Listen To The Tri-Tones "Tear Drops" Here:

You May Listen To The Tri-Tones "Everytime I Think Of You" Here:

Later in 1964, The Tri-Tones backed Doug Stevens on "Summer's A Comin" and "You're Gonna Be Sorry" for the Miss Julie label (Miss Julie 6503).


Many thanks to my good friend and fellow collector from across the pond, RossyBoy for providing the scans for The Memories 45.


Soley for historical, educational & listening pleasure.

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  1. Hi Doug, You won't remember me, but I used to go to your house in El Monte. How is your brother Stewart doing? We were close friends. Please reply back to me.