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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The Eastside Sound can be heard once again at Nick's Taste Of Texas in Covina, California on September 17, 2011 as they celebrate Mexico's Independence with a show headlined by Ersi Arvisu and The Sisters.

Come & join in on the sights & sounds of East LA. Nick's Taste Of Texas is a great vevue for a show. Great Texas style food, beer & all your favorite adult beverages. Large floor to dance the night away. It's a show you won't want to miss.

I have tried to do my posts in somewhat of a chronological order but I will deviate a little with this post in honor of The Sisters appearance at Nick's.

The Sisters are a vocal trio made up of Ersi, Rosella and Mary Arvisu. They grew up in East Los Angeles, California. Their parents were musical performers and The Sisters would accompany them on some of their gigs to sing. As they learned to sing R&B they became known as the Eastside's answer to Motown's Supremes. They were also influenced by Martha & The Vandellas and The Ronettes.

  Rosella was discovered singing at a high school show by manager/producer Billy Cardenas. She told Billy that she had two sisters. The group became part on The Romancers stage show & also recorded with the band, The Blue Satins.

  Billy Cardenas took the girls to Bill Keane at Del-Fi Records and in 1964 they recorded "Gee Baby Gee', (a cover of the song the Butterfly's recorded for Red Bird) and "All Grown Up" (A cover of The Crystals hit).  (Del-Fi 4300) "Gee Baby Gee" became an instant Eastside classic.

You May Listen To The Sisters "Gee Baby Gee" Here:

You May Listen To The Sisters "All Grown Up" Here:

Their next single also recorded in 1964 was "Ooh Poo Pa Do" and "Happy New Year Baby" (Del-Fi 4302). On this single they were backed by the band, Ronnie & The Casuals. "Ooh Poo Pa Do" was a smash hit for Jesse Hill in 1960.

You May Listen To The Sisters "Ooh Poo Pa Doo" Here:

You May Listen To The Sisters "Happy New Year Baby" Here:

Their third and last record "Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home" ( cover of the Darlene Love smash hit) and "For Sentimental Reasons" (in my opinion The Sisters best recording) (Del-Fi 4306) was also the final release for the label.

You May Listen To The Sisters "Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home" Here:

You May Listen To The Sisters "For Sentimental Reasons" Here:

Also in 1964 The Sisters would record a song that was never released, "His Name Was John". You may listen to this track here:

All of The Sisters released music can be found on the CD "Del-Fi Girl Groups: Gee Baby Gee" (DFCD 71266). I highly recommend you purchasing their truly fine compact disc.

Here is a rare photograph of The Sisters performing in the mid-1960's:

After thier third single the group would break-up. In 1969, Ersi Arvisu would join a band called the VIP's which would later become El Chicano. Ersi would sing on El Chicano's second Album, "Revolution" the classic Mexican standard "Sabor A Mi". Her version of "Sabor A Mi" would become an Eastside classic and my favorite version of the tune.

You May Listen To El Chicano (Featuring Ersi Arvisu) "Sabor A Mi" Here:


Soley for historical, educational and listening pleasure.

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