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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I could not find much information on the Eastside band, The Pagents except that they hailed from El Sereno, Califonia and inclded band members Roy Marquez on guitar and Joe Urzua on baritone sax. Please contact me if you have more information on this band.

The Pagents mainly recorded instrumental ballads and are sometimes labeled as a surf group. Eddie Davis of Rampart Records used the group to promote his shows and they performed on a flatbed truck.

Their first single was "Enchanted Surf" and "Big Daddy" released on the I.K.E. label (I.K.E. 631) in 1963.

Later in 1963 ERA Records would pick up the band and release the single as "Enchanted" and "Big Daddy" (ERA 3119).

The Pagents second single was "Glenda" and "Shake" on the ERA label (ERA 3124) released in 1964.

Their third and final single "Pa-Cha" and "Sad And Lonely" was released on the ERA label (ERA 3134) in 1964. "Sad And Lonely" is a vocal track.

I would certainly like to know more about this group especially from a surf collector.


Soley for historical and educational purposes and for listening pleasure.

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