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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In part 2 of Eastside Oldies we will look at another ten records by artists out of the greater Los Angeles area. Some of these records are extremely rare so check your collections.


There were two groups called The Atlantics who were part of the Eastside scene. A Chicano band which I will get to later in my Eastside Bands section and this vocal group.

The group included members :

Delbert Franklin (lead singer)
Chick Carlton (tenor)
Gaynel Hodge (tenor)
Barry White (bass)

Delbert Franklin was a singer/saxophonist who had been a member of the Eastside band, The Mixtures. (see my post under Eastside Bands).

Chick Carlton would later cut a record with Eddie Davis' band, The Majestics (we'll get to him later).

Gaynel Hodge had been a member of the L.A. vocal groups The Hollywood Flames and The Turks.

Barry White would go on to become a solo soul singer and have najor success.

In 1961, The Atlantics recorded a song penned by Gaynell Hodge entitled "Boo Hoo Hoo" released on Eddie Davis' Linda label (Linda 103).

You May Listen To The Atlantics "Boo Hoo Hoo" Here:

The B side was entitled "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"


The female vocal group, The Sa-Shays which had it's origins at Fremont High School in Los Angeles also recorded the Gaynell Hodge tune "Boo Hoo Hoo". The group included Gaynell's niece Carlotta "Cookie" Robertson. The group went through many name changes including The Sweethearts, The Unforgetables and The Utmosts.The record was released in 1962 on the Alfi label (Alfi 1) and the Zen label (Zen 101).

You May Listen To The Sa-Shay's Version Of "Boo Hoo Hoo" Here:


Talk about digging up some rare records when you really get into researching, Ray Medina & The New Latin Breed recorded a song Head's Head" on the obscure Mares record label out of Los Angeles. The record was produced by Memo Mata (who also produced Sly, Slick & Wicked) and Earl Chavez. I don't have a year of release but it's Latin soul & Boogaloo so I put it in the late 1960's. The vocalist on the record is Tutti. This record sold for nearly $1000 on E-Bay last year.

You May Listen To Ray Medina & The New Latin Breed "Head's Head" as part of a Latin boogaloopalooza on Mr. Fine Wine's Downtown Soulsville Show found here:


The Showcases were originally formed in the late 1950's at the Ramona Gardens housing project in the Lincoln Heights section of East Los Angeles.

 In 1964 they recorded "This Love Is Real" for producer Cliff Goldsmith. At that time the group members were James Colford, Tommy Johnson, Thomas Keyes and James Hubbard. The record was released on the Galaxy label (Galaxy 732) but only 2 or 3 promotional copies are know to exist. The record was legally reissued on the Falco label (Falco 308) in the early 1980's. All this information is according to Steve Propes in his book "L.A. R&B Vocal groups 1945-1965.

This song is one of the best four-part harmony doo-wops to ever come out of the Los Angeles area. I do not have a scan of the original Galaxy release but the Falso release title's the song "This Love Was Real"

You May Listen To The Showcases "This Love Was Real" Here:


James Wilkerson and Nate Wilks were residents of South Central Los Angeles. They hung around the Ramona Gardens housing project in Lincoln Heights as did The Showcases and Bobby & The Classics (later to become Cannibal & The Headunters).

In 1962 they cut two sides "Young Lover" and "I Found A New Love" both ballads with that classic East L.A. Sound. The record was released on the Bamboo label (Bamboo 518). "I Found A New Love" was also recorded by Robert & Rey (see my Robert & Rey post under Eastside Legends).


Chicano vocal group, The Montereys were from the Bakersfield area. Their lead singer was Hector Canez. The other band members were Tom Lopez, Tom Rey and Santos Cepeda. In 1962 they recorded an extremely rare record for the Trans American label (Trans American 1001) "Darlin (Love You So)/"Darlin' Send Me A Letter". This record is currently on my want list. If anyone has a copy for sale please e-mail me. Also if anyone can send me scans of the record I would greatly appreciate it.

You May Listen To: The Montereys - "Darlin (Love You So) Here:

You May Listen To: The Montereys - "Darlin' Send Me A Letter" Here:

The following year, 1963 they recorded "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" produced by Kim Fowley and released on the GNP Crescendo label (GNP Crescendo 314).

You May Listen To The Montereys " (I Love You) For Sentimental Rreasons" Here:


The vocal duo, Bobby & Billy were Robert "Bobby" Washington of The Cyclones and possibly Bill Brooks of The Hollywood Saxons. Bobby Washington & Cyclones member Jerome Evans wrote a soulful ballad "Gee Girl" while they were still with The Cyclones. "Gee Girl" was released in 1962 on the Strafire label (Starfire 100).


The vocal group, The Matadors were originally from Calexico, Mexico where they began as the Continentals, Group members were Jimmy & David Meza, Robert Estrada and Carlos Montejano. The group became popular in the San Gabiel Valley area of Califonia.

In 1966 they recorded "Let Me Dream" originally released on the Chartmaker label and re-released in 1967 on the Forbes label (Forbes 230).

You May Listen To The Matadors "Let Me Dream" Here:


The vocal duo, The Explosions were Bob McClaine and Dave Coleman both from East Los Angeles, California. In 1964 they recorded a remake of the 1959 classic By Joe & Ann "Gee Baby". The record was produced by Kim Fowley for the Burton label (Burton 101), a label owned by Burt Sugarman.

In 1965 Bob & Dave recorded "Up On The Mountain", a remake of the Magnificents 1956 doo wop classic as The Fallen Angels for the Tollie label (Tollie 9049).


I don't really know if this group was from the Los Angeles area but in 1996 they were part of Steve Propes research for the book "L.A. R&B Vocal Groups 1945-1965. The group does have an East L.A. sound. In 1964 they recorded "Linda" for the Merri label (Merri 6008). If anyone has any information on this group please contact me.

You May Listen To The Rhythm Gents "Linda" Here:


Soley for historical & educational purposes and for listening pleasure.


  1. The Explosions - Bob McClane & Dave Coleman - performed on Shin Dig, 9th Street West and Hollywood A Go Go. Bob left the music industry to become a minister and served in the ministry the rest of his life. He passed away in October of 1993 at the young age of 53 years. He continued to sing and write songs of worship, for the congregation and led worship during the services in the church. He was loved by a multitude of people, living a selfless life.

    Written by His wife and the Mother of His four Children

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  2. The Explosions - Bob McClane & Dave Coleman

    Jimmy contacted me about The Explosions video I posted on my music page. It was the only vid out there available to see, apparently someone has marked the Shindig video "Work With Me Annie" as private, and can no longer be viewed.

    That's too bad. Because Jimmy would like to see it.

    I only met Dave a couple times in my later 20's, I don't know if he is still alive.

    Secret Lee Coleman

  3. hi there,
    you posted the "ray medina" 45 on mares records. i do have a copy of that as well. i found it end of the 90's in the san franscisco/ mission district store "musica latina" together with another mares records 45 that seems to have no existence on www. "francisco aquabella - che che cole/ que humanidad" espescially the che che cole-version played with banjo! is totally scarce! do you have any information on this 45?! best regards, h. hinz

  4. I too have no info on that record. Mares is a very obscure label. if you ever want to sell the Ray Medina 45 please contact me. It is on my want list

  5. I met Memo Mares at his record distribution business located on Pico Blvd. In Los Angeles, In the late 1970's we would frequently talk about music and related subjects, the Mares label was run and operated by Memo, his music catalog included the LP 'Sly, Slick. And Wicked Live" which included the long version of "Confessin' A Feeling" the distribution business included assorted records in Spanish on his own private Mares label.