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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Track List:

1. Farmer John
2. Don't You Just Know It
3. We Go Together
4. Look At Me
5. Over The Mountain, Across The Sea
6. Annie Oakley
7. Anymore
8. Feel Like Dancing
9. Ruined
10. I Won't Be Back Next Year
11. Cross My Heart
12. Mary Ann

Riding the heels of their  national hit, "Farmer John", San Gabriel's own, The Premiers hurriedly put together an album for Warner Brothers Records entitled "Farmer John Live" in 1964 (Warner Brothers 1565). (See my post Eastside Bands - The Premiers). The title track is a Don & Dewey tune suggested to the group by promoter/manager Billy Cardenas. The audience noise and live sound feel was provided by the all-girl car club, The Chevelles in the studio at Stereo Masters on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and not live at The Rhythm Room in Fullerton as the album's liner notes would suggest. The dubbing-in of a live ambience was the genius of Billy Cardenas & Eddie Davis which they would also use on The Blendells' hit "La La La La La".

The entire album has a great dance party feel and features up-tempo R&B and doo wop classics. Johnny Ace's "Anymore" and Cross My Heart are two personal favorites. Eastside classics like 'We Go Together" and "Over The Mountain, Across The Sea" will bring back fond memories of high scool romance.

Of special interest are two Max Uballez penned tunes "Annie Oakley" and "Feel Like Dancing" Pat Vegas wrote "I Won't Be Back Next Year" and Billy Cardenas wrote Mary Ann"

This album is an Eastside Classic and well worth picking up. It was released on compact disc in 2003 by Collectors Choice Music and is still readily available. PLEASE BUY A COPY & SUPPORT THESE GREAT ARTISTS!!!

You may read Richie Unterberger's review here:


Soley for historical & educational purposes and for listening pleasure.

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