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Friday, March 30, 2012


                                              PAT & LOLLY VEGAS

Candido Albelando Vasquez (Lolly Vegas) and Patrick Morales Vasquez (Pat Vegas) were born in Fresno, California. The brothers were of mixed Yaqui/Shoshone and mexican descent. They would have a long & storied career and become part of the Eastside/Hollywood scene
  At an early the singing/guitar playing brothers began their musical careers backing and touring with Jimmy Clanton of "Just A Dream" fame. In 1961 the brothers relocated to Los Angeles.They became part of a surf band known as Avantis and would record the hit record "Let's Go" as The Routers. They would also record as The Sharks, The Markets and The Deuce Coupes.

  The brothers would meet manager/producer Bumps Blackwell who suggested they change their names to Pat & Lolly Vegas. In 1963, Pat & Volly Vegas recorded "Boom, Boom, Boom" and "Two Figures" for the Reprise label (Reprise 20199).

You May Listen To Pat & Lolly Vegas "Boom, Boom, Boom" Here:

 1964, they would record the Eastside classic (and one of my favorites) "Don't You Remember" and "Robot Walk" released on the Apogee label (Apogee 101)

You May Listen To Pat & Lolly Vegas "Don't You Remember" Here:

You May Listen To Pat & Lolly Vegas "Robot Walk" (a great dance craze) Here:

Pat & Lolly would record "Let's Get It On" and "Walk On" for the Mercury label in 1965 (Mercury 72509)

They would become part of the house band, The Shindogs, for the popular TV music show, Shindig.

"Walk On" would be used in the 1967 beach party film, "It's A Bikini World"

Pat & Lolly would perform "Twist & Shout" and "La Bamba" on Shindig in 1964.

Pat & Lolly would perform 'Write Me Baby" on Shindig in 1965.

Pat & Lolly Perform "Do You Wanna Dance" On Hollywood-A-Go-Go

Bumps Blackwell helped the brothers become the house band at Los Angeles' The Haunted House. In 1966, produced by Leon Russell and Snuff Garrett they would record an album for Mercury entitled "Pat & Lolly Vegas At the Haunted House" (Mercury 21059). The album was a mix of original songs and popular soul covers. I will spotlight this album in the VINYL CLASSICS section.

After being dropped by Mercury, the brothers would take some time off and return to the music scene with the group REDBONE in 1973 and score a major hit with "Come And Get Your Love. Their career with Redbone will be featured when we get into the 1970's Eastside sound

Pat & Lolly Vegas are credited with writing many hit records for other artists. They are true Eastside legends & helped shape the Eastside sound in the early 1960's. 

Lolly Vegas passed away on March 4,2010 in Reseda, California of lung cancer.


Soley for histoirical, educational pupsoses and for listening pleasure


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  2. These are true rock and roll icons. I love their music. Thank you for this site and honoring them.