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Saturday, March 10, 2012


                                                                Rosie Hamlin

Rosie & the Originals:

Rosalie Hamlin (vocals)
Tony Gomez (bass)
Dave Ponci (guitar)
Noah Tafolla (guitar)
Alfred Barrett (sax)
Carl Von Goodat (drums)

Rosalie Hamlin was born on July 21st, 1945 in Clamath Falls, Oregon. She attended National City's Sweetwater High Scool located just outside of San Diego, California.
  At age fouteen Rosie wrote a poem about a teenage love called "Angel Baby" In the summer of 1961, Rosie & her group traveled to San Marcos, California where they recorded the song on an old two-track recorder in an old airplane hanger. A second song was recorded. An ad-libbed tuned they called "Give Me Love"
  The group had trouble landing a record deal so they took the 45 to Kresge's Department Store in San Diego. The store manager played the demo & lucky for them a representative from Highland records was in the store on business. he took the demo to his boss Syd Talmadge in Hollywood. A few weeks later the record was played on the Alan Freed show on KDAY and it became a national hit. "Angel Baby" and "Give Me Love" were released on the Highland label (Highland 1011). Writer credits were given to David Ponci because he was the eldest member of the group. This would lead to royalty battles and would take years to straighten out. "Angel Baby" became one one the most beloved songs of the Eastside and would reach number five on the Billboard charts.
  The record would be released on several labels with many variations. To see them all check out Color Radio by following this link:

You May Listen To Rosie & The originals "Angel Baby" Here:

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "Give Me Love" Here:

The second single released on the Highland label was "Angel From Above" and "Why Did You Leave Me" Released in 1961 (Highland 1025)

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "Angel From Above" Here:

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "Why Did You Leave Me" Here:

Highland would release a third and final single in 1961 "Lonely Blue Nights" and "We'll Have A Chance" (Highland 1032).

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "Lonely Blue Nights" Here:

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "We'll Have A Chance" Here:

In 1962, on the advice of Jackie Wilson, Rosie moved to the Brunswick label who also released "Lonely Blue Nights" and "We'll Have A Chance" as a single (Brunswick 55205)

A follow-up single was also released by Brunswick in 1961. "My Darling Forever" and "The Time Is Near" (Brunswick 55213)

You May Listen To Rosie "My Darling Forever" Here:

You May listen to Rosie & The Originals "The Time Is Near" Here:

In 1962 Brunswick would release an album entitled "Lonely Blue Nights With Rosie" (Brunswick 54102).

Lonely Blue Nights (Promo LP)

Later in 1962 Globe Records would release a Rosie & The Originals single "My One And Only Love" and "Kinda Makes You Wonder" (Globe 401)

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "My One And Only Love" Here:

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "Kinda Makes You Wonder" Here:

In 1973 Rosie made a comeback and released a rare 45 on the Wax World label, "You're No Good" and "I Don't Understand"  (Wax World 3265). "You're No Good" is a cover of the tune first recorded by Dee Dee Warwick and later a smash hit for Betty Everett.

Kern Radio Promo Copy

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "You're No Good" Here:

You May Listen To Rosie & The Originals "I Don't Understand" Here:

There are a couple of excellent Rosie & The Originals compilation CDs.

"Lonely Blue Nights" on the Gold Dust label.

"Angel Baby Revisited" released by Ace Records in May 2002


For more information on Rosie & The Originals please visit their official web site
You can find it here:


Soley for historical, education and listening pleasure purposes.

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