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Sunday, March 4, 2012


                                                                RENE & RAY
The vocal duo, Rene & Ray recorded one of the most heralded songs of the Eastside Sound. Rene was Pablo Valenzuela. a dark skinned Puerto Rican kid from Glendora, California. Ray was Ray Quinones better know as "Spider Ray" from East LA.
  Ray Quinones had previously cut a single "So Dearly" and "Bring Me Happiness" with Lucy Duran as Rosie & Ron for the Donna label (Donna 1338) in 1961.
  The songs "Queen Of My Heart" and "Do What You Feel" were recorded with Paul Buff at his Pal Recording Studios in Cucamonga, California in 1962. The finished masters were eventually turned over to Bob Keane who released them on his Donna label (Donna 1360).
  "Queen Of My Heart" reached number 5 on the local charts and cracked Billboard's Top 100 at number 76 becoming the first record by a Hispanic duo to do so.

You May Listen To Rene & Ray "Queen Of My Heart" Here:

You May Listen To Rene & Ray "Do What You Feel" Here:

A follow-up release " I Can't Let You Go" and "Too Late" (Donna 1368) with writer's credits on both sides to Pablo Valenzuela was relesaed later in 1962.

You May Listen To Rene & Ray "I Can't Let You Go" Here:

You May Listen To Rene & Ray "Too Late" Here:


Soley for historical, educational and listening pleasure.

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  1. Please email me guy (east side guy) I'm ray quinones' daughter and would love to talk to you ...would love a better quality copy of the photo as