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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Eddie Davis along with his partner, Billy Cardenas are probably the two most important figures in the history of the Eastside Sound. Their work as producers of Latino bands had a major impact on the music scene in the Los Angeles area from the mid 1960's through the early 1970's. It is through their efforts that Latin/Chicano Rock reached a more national audience.

Edward Louis Davis was born in 1926 in Boyle Heights, California. He was a child actor. He appeared in "Going My Way", "The Major And The Minor" and "Pork Chop Hill" After attending Faifax High School Ediie joined the navy. When he got out of the navy, Eddie wanted to be a restaurant owner. In 1953, He opened The Eddie Davis Parkway Grill in Hollywood. He would later open another restaurant called the Eddie Davis Steakhouse Supper Club.

Eddie had sung in a Catholic choir and was influenced by pop vocalists. He wanted to to be a singer. His first record "Heart Of Ice" and "To Be Or Not To Be" was released on the Vita label in 1957 (Vita 170).

You May Listen To Eddie L. Davis "Heart Of Ice" Here:

His next single "Teenage Brain Surgeon" and "Tick Tock Rock" was released in 1958 on the Fable label (Fable 637) as Eddie L Davis & The Bureaucats. Eddie co-wrote both sides of the record with arranger Wayne Corps.

His third and last single was "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" and "Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow" released on the Faro label in 1959 (Faro 596). "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" was a duet with Eddie and Connie Stevens. Connie would become a succesful singer & television star in her own right and would duet with Edd "Kookie" Byrnes on "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb"

In 1958, Eddie Davis would sell his restaurants and start his first record label, Faro.He would later own Linda Records. established in 1960; Rampart Records in 1961; Boomerang Records in 1962; Prospect and Valhalla Records in 1966 and Gordo Records in 1968. Many Eastside artists would record for these labels.

In 1962, Davis bought and began operating the Rainbow Gardens in Pomona and later the Rhythm Room in Fullerton. These two venues served as launching pads for many artists as the houses were packed with music lovers and dance enthusiasts. Eddie also started a local television show, "Parade Of Hits" but was unable to get any national play. It was shortly thereafter that Eddie met Billy Cardenas and the West Coast Eastside Sound was about to really "take off".

Eddie Davis and Billy Cardenas would go through many good times and bad times together. They would introduce many new artists to the Los Angeles and national music scene. I will just name a few, The Romancers, The Premiers, Litle Ray Jimenez, the Salas Brothers, The Blendells, Cannibal & The Headhunters and Thee Midniters. We will look at all of these artists and many more.

Davis would later work with Little Willie G, El Chicano and Six Pac. Eddie's mother passed away and Eddie left the music industry. In 1977 Hector Gonzalez brought Eddie out of retirement to record the Latin funk band, Eastside Connection.

In1994, Eddie Davis died of cancer. He left all of the master tapes, archives, contracts and publishing catalogs of the Rampart Records group to Hector Gonzalez.

Eddie Davis was called "The Godfather Of The Eastside Sound" and "The Berry Gordy Of Los Angeles". His greatness in risk taking, musical innovations, promoting and producing can not be overemphasized. He is truly a giant in the history of rock and roll.

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Soley for historical, educcational and listening pleasure.

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