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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hailing from Oxnard, California, The Mixtures were one of the first multi-racial and cross-cultural bands in the greater Los Angeles area. Their music was a mix of Latin rock, R&B and surf/instrumental stylings. A profile of the group is featured in my Eastside Bands section.

Recorded on February 12. 1962 at the Rainbow Gardens in Pomona, California "Stompin' At The Rainbow" is the Mixtures caught at thier best. A few of the cuts, "Rainbow Stomp Part 1", "Rainbow Stomp Part 2" and "Turkey Time" were studio recordingS with a live sound added at the time of mixing but the rest of the tracks were recorded live by recording engineer, Wally Heider.

The album features some of the Mixtures original tunes and some great covers. The group is introduced by disc jockey Bob Eubanks and the band goes into some instrumentals with rockin' guitar riffs:  "Peter Gunn Theme" "Surfers Stomp" and The Peppermint Twist"". Medley" features Chick Carlton (whom we will feature later) singing a medly of rocking Little Ricard tunes, "Jenny Jenny" "Lucille" "Good Golly Miss Molly" "The Girl Can't Help It" and Don & Dewey's "Justine". For all the slow-dancers, Del Franklin's "That's All I Ask" is an outstanding track.

"Stompin At The Rainbow" was released on March 19,1962 on Eddie Davis' Linda Records (Linda 3301).

In 2010, Minky records re-released "Stompin' At The Rainbow" on vinyl and on compact disc. This is the complete Mixtures which includes the "Stompin' At The Rainbow" album and the 6 Linda Records singles.  (MKY2)

Copies are still available via this link:


Soley for historical & Educational purposes.

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