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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


YOU FOUND THAT EASTSIDE SOUND is one year old today. I wish to thank everyone who has followed this site & thank those artists who have e-mailed me with their thoughts & corrections.

It has taken me a year to lay the ground work and explore the musical roots. What lies ahead in year two is what I call the "meat & potatoes" of the Eastside Sound. The emergence of manager/record producers Eddie Davis & Billy Cardenas and manager Eddie Torres gave the Eastside Sound what it lacked. There was no lack of talent or great music. There just wasn't enough promotion. With the help of these promoters, the Eastside Sound would make it's impact on the national scene.

The music continued to grow and mature with the times right along side Beatlemania and Motown. There were more weekend dances and concerts as the East L.A. bands filled venues in the Los Angeles area. Radio stations began  sponsoring concets and heavily promoting them over the airwaves.

A large number of car clubs were formed & cruising Whittier Boulevard became a way of life.

From the mid 1960's through the end of the decade a number of bands would make the scene & we will take a good look at the artists and their music. We will also look at some of the legendary record labels.

It was truly "the best of times".


Soley for historical & educational purposes.

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