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Saturday, June 2, 2012


                                     THE ATLANTICS

Band Members:

Jimmie Meza (lead guitar)
Juan Meza (rhythm guitar)
Ruben Garcia (sax)
Manuel Garcia (bass)
Jim Hughes (vocals)
Frank Ascolese (drums)
Mike Quinvilla (trumpet)
Carmen Caudillo (vocals)


This post has been revised after a an e-mail and enlightening telephone conversation with Atlantics guitarist, Jimmie Meza. I wish to thank Mr. Meza for sharing some information and his memories of the Eastside scene.

The Atlantics were yet another Eastside band discovered by Billy Cardenas. The band members attended Rosemead, El Monte & Arroyo High Schools. The band was originally called The Vandells and performed at house gigs and at Zamora Park in El Monte. An employee of El Monte High School, Mike Sharboro became their early manager.

Mike introduced the band to Billy Cardenas and they were booked for an audition at the Rhythm Room in Fullerton. Billy liked what he heard and  brought the band to Eddie Davis. Eddie changed the bands name to The Atlantics and took them into the studio where they waxed two singles for his Rampart label.

The Atlantics first single was "Beaver Shot" and "Fine Fine Fine" on the Rampart label (Rampart 643) released in 1965.

You May Listen To The Atlantics "Beaver Shot" Here:

The Atlantics second single was "Sloop Dance" and "Sonny & Cher" also released on the Rampart label in 1965 (Rampart 647). "Sloop Dance" was a remake of The Vibrations song.

The Atlantics appeared on Sam Riddle's 9th Street West where they performed "Fine Fine Fine"

In December 1965 the Atlantics played the Alexandria hotel. Alson on the bill were Thee Midniters & Ron Holden.

In January 1965, Jimmie Meza & Manuel Garcia were drafter & the Atlantics soon disbanded. Saxophonist Ruben Garcia would go on to join the Premiers.


Soley for educational & historical purposes and for listening pleasure.


  1. Were these the same Atlantics that recorded on Rampart, Linda and Faro labels?

    1. As I recall, we recorded on the Faro and Rampart labels.

      Jimmie Meza

  2. Well, if I had some patience I would have had all my questions answered. :-) Thanks for always taking the time to do such wonderful research.

  3. my grand father was carmen caudillo and he was a fantastic guy and sang very well. he unfortunately passed away a little over 2 years ago and i miss him so much. but its good to know that people still like his music.

    1. I knew ur grandad mr.g I use to go in there and sweep the shop and hang out all the time. I heard the news when I went out to visit I. 2011 sorry for ur loss ..the shop was gone broke my heart..does ur grandpa have a plot ...I would like to pay my respects email is I've been tryin to find someone for years

    2. Your grandfather Cotton as I knew him was a great talent and I have many great stories of this good man

  4. Where did the band members go after they disbanded? Jim Hughes was my cousin.

    1. Two band members went into military service myself (Jimmie) and Manual the bass guitarist. Carmen and Jimmy went on to play with a group called The Epics. At present, three of the band members have passed away.

    2. According to lead guitarist, Jimmie Meza two band members went into military service, Jimmie & bass guitarist, Manuel Garcia. Carmen caudillo & Jimmie Meza went on to play with a group called The Epics. At present, three of the band members have passed away.