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Monday, June 4, 2012



Eddie Serrano (vocals)
Steve Lopez (lead guitar)
Bobby Brambilia (rhythm guitar)
Larry Torres (bass)
Tom Lawrence (organ)
Frankie Lee (drums)
Ray Oliande (sax)
Gil Perez (sax)
John Madrid (trumpet)

From the Lincoln Heights district of East Los Angeles, Thee Enchantments were influenced by traditional Mexican music and rhythm & blues. 

The band performed at the October 10, 1965 Salesian High School Rock & Roll show at East Los Angeles College and sang "Try Me"

Led by vocalist, Eddie Serrano the band recorded only one song which was released on Eddie Davis' Faro label (Faro 620) entitled "I'm In Love With Your Daughter" in 1965.

Because studio time and recording tape was so expensive in those days only one song was recorded but was broken up into two parts for record release. The song was written by Chick Carlton.

You May Listen To Thee Enchantemnts "I'm In Love With Your Daughter (Part 1)" Here:

You May Listen To Thee Enchantemnts "I'm In Love With Your Daughter Part 2" Here:

The song was bootlegged on the Joker label (JK 0001)

"I'm In Love With Your Daughter" on the Faro label has become a Northern soul classic and is highly sought after by collectors and is valued at $400-$500.

As with many of the Eastside bands, they would disband due to military obligations and the Viet Nam war.

Eddie Serrano would go on to be a member of Cannibal & The Headhunters and the group Yaqui.
He would pass away in 1999 from a bicycle accident.

Larry Torres now plays bass for The Smooth Action Band. You can check out their videos on YouTube.


Soley for historical & educational purposes and for listening pleasure.

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