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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here is a look at ten or so more rare records by artists to come out of the Los Angeles area and were part of the Eastside scene.


Randy Thomas was a piano player for the Eastside Band, The Mixtures (see my post Eastside Bands - The Mixtures. He was also the co-writer with Wayne Edwards of the Eastside classic "Get Your Baby" which was recorded by The Premiers, The Blendells and Mark & The Escorts.

In 1966 Randy recorded "My Heart Cries" (the Etta & Harvey classic which was also recorded by The Romancers) for Eddie Davis' Faro label (Faro 622).

You May Listen To Randy Thomas "My Heart Cries" Here:

The B side of this record is a great teener titled "Are You Ready". Randy is backed by The Mixtures although they are not credited on the label.

You May Listen To Randy Thomas "Are You Ready" Here:


The Eastside band, The Desires were Albert Martinez, Tony Velasquez, Rebecca Salcedo, Ricky Sanchez and Benjamin "Spider" Velasquez. Ricky Sanchez and Ben Velasquez wrote a song called "Dance With Me" which would later be recorded by The Blendells and Mark & The Escorts.

(left to right- Ben Velasquez, Tony Velasquez, Rebecca Salcedo, Frank Soliz, Albert Martinez, and Ricky Sanchez)

"Dance With Me" would be recorded for the Era label in 1964 (Era 3138).

You May Listen To The Fabulous Desires "Dance With Me" Here:


The Andy Tesso penned instrumental recorded by The Blendells was also recorded by Frankie Olvera. It was released on two different labels in 1964. (NRM 903 and Lola 104)


                           THEE COUNTS

left to right-
(front row- Larry Torres, bass; Richard Mitsunaga, lead guitar; Bobby Garola, guitar)
(back row- Ralph "Harpo" Viramontes, vocalist; Ronnie Wheat, drummer
Art Duardo, sax; Tommy Cavanaugh, trombone; and Charlie Montijo, lead singer)

The East L.A. band, The Counts recorded a rare single for Sid Talmedge and Highland Records in 1966 titled "Someday I'm Gonna Get You". (Highland 1171). It was also issued on the Dynamo label (Dynamo 100). The song has a Northern Soul/Garage feel to it.

You May Listen To Thee Counts "Some Day I'm Gonna Get You" Here:


                                 THE PARLAY BROTHERS

Hailing from East Los Angeles, California, The Parlay Brothers were George Aguilar and Mickey Dominguez. In 1964 they recorded the Eastside classic which they wrote titled "Mr Girl (Please Be True)" for the Valjay label (Valjay 2725). The label was owned by eighteen year old Rooselevlt High School student and promoter Johnny Jay.

You May Listen To The Parlay Brothers "My Girl" Here:


                              LARRY TAMBLYN

Larry Tamblyn, brother of film actor, Russ Tamblyn (West Side Story) was a major artist on the Eastisde scene. Larry attended Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California. In the late 1950's Larry was introduced to Eddie Davis & the two formed a publishing company, Padua Music.

Larry Tamblyn also wrote music. He wrote "Come On And Dream" for The Premiers. He played guitar for a time with The Mixtures and would later go on to form the popular Los Angeles band, The Standells.

Larry had a solo recording career in the early 1960's backed by The Mixtures. His first single was "Patty Ann", a teen rocker and "Dearest", a teen ballad for the Faro label (Faro 601) in 1960. I do not have scans of this record but you may listen to both sides here:

"Patty Ann":


Larry's second single for the Faro label was "(She's My Baby) My Bride To Be" and "The Lie" (Faro 603) also in 1960. This is a rare double sided "teener"

You May Listen To Larry Tamblyn "(She's My Baby) My Bride To Be" Here:

Larry's third single for Faro was "This Is The Night" and "Destiny" (Faro 612) released in 1961. There is unclarity about the year on this record among collectors. Some say Eddie Davis did not release these two sides until 1964 to capitalize on the popularity of The Standells. No matter the year these are both great teen doo wop ballads.

You May Listen To Larry Tamblyn "This is The Night" Here:

You May Listen To Larry Tamblyn "Destiny" Here:

Larry's next single would be released on eddie Davis' Linda label. "You'll Be Mine Some Day" and "The Girl In My Heart" (Linda 112) in 1963. Staying in the doo wop vein.

You May Listen To Larry Tamblyn "The Girl In My Heart" Here:

Larry and his new group, The Standells would have a huge national hit record "Dirty Water" in 1966.

You May Listen To The Standells "Dirty Water" Here:


We have akready looked at two groups who called themselves The Atlantics. One was the band out of El Monte. California (see Eastside bands) and the other was the group who recorded "Boo Hoo Hoo" (see Eastside Oldies part 2).

This group's members:

Carl White (Lamplighters, Sharps)
John "Sonny Harris (Feathers, Lamplighters, Sharps)
Al Frazier (Lamplighters, Sharps)
Rocky Wilson (Sharps)
Gaynell Hodge (Atlantics)
Barry White (Atlantics)

When Barry White left the group to go solo the remaining members became The Rivingtons.

As The Atlantics they recorded "Remeber The Night" and "Flame Of Love" for Eddie Davis' Linda label (Linda 107) in 1962.

You May Listen To The Atlantics "Remember The Night" Here:

In 1963 "Flame Of Love" was reissued on the Faro label (Faro 613). The B side was "Tracy (All I Have Is Yours) and credited to Barry White & The Atlantics.

Later in 1963 Rampart would release "Home On The Range" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" (Rampart 614) with Barry White once again doing lead vocals.

You May Listen To The Atlantics Songs At The Doo Wop Blog Found Here:


Danny Sandoval is another artists out of the Los Angeles area that I know nothing about. In 1963 he recorded an Eastside classic ballad "Hardly See My Way" for the Cashmere label (Cashmere 1641).

You May Listen To Danny Sandoval "Hardly See My Way" Here:


Soley for historical & educational purposes and for listening pleasure.

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